Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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and desired they would be sincere in their answers as dying men ; first, whether they did not acknowledge the sentence that was passed upon them to be just, and what they highly deserved ? Carter, the most sensible and penitent amongst them, first answered, Yes; as did afterwards Tapner, Cobby, and Hammond ; but the two Mills's did not.
" Secondly, I asked them whether they forgave every­body ; they all and each answered they forgave all the world. Tapner then owned that Edmund Eichards and another were the cause of his ruin, but yet forgave them.
" Carter laid his ruin to Jackson for drawing him from his honest employment.
" John Smyth, " Curate of St. Pancras, in Chichester."
" Both Carter and Tapner, a few hours before their execution, confessed to me that they with several others assembled together with a design to rescue Dimer out of Chichester gaol; that the only person amongst them who had arms was Edmund Eichards; but that being disappointed by a number of persons who had promised to join them from the East, their scheme was frustrated and their purpose carried no further into execution; that one Stringer* was at the head of this confederacy, but not present with them at the time of their assembling together.
"Simon Hughes,
" Vicar of Donnington in Sussex."
* This Stringer is Thomas Stringer, who stands indicted as a principal in the murder of Daniel Chater, but is not yet taken.
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