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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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128                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
of which he was accused, since he was not present when it was done; though if he had, he should not have thought it any crime to destroy such informing rogues. After his trial was over, two gentlemen going up to see him, they told him that his brother John,* who had been advertised in the Gazette as an accomplice in the murder of one Hawkins, and was likewise concerned in the murder of Mr. Chater, but not then taken, was seen following the judges over Hynd Heath, in their way to Chichester. " What," said Mills, " there has been no robbery committed upon the highway lately, has there ?" Upon which the person replied, " Not that I have heard of.'' Mills made answer, " I suppose Jack must take to the highway, for he has no other way to live, till an opportunity offers of his getting to France, which I heartily wish he may do." After their conviction on Tuesday night for the murder of Chater, he and the rest of them were remanded back to prison, and ordered to be brought down the next day, when Jackson and Carter were to be tried for the murder of Galley, and the whole to receive judgment, when Mills
said, " What the d......1 do they mean by that ? Could
not they do our whole business this night, without obliging us to come again and wear out our shoes ? Well! if it must be so, the old man and I will go first, but I will give the old man the wall," as he accordingly did.
3. John Cobby seemed a harmless, inoffensive creature,
* This John Mills is the same person as went by the name of Smoker, who was condemned at the last assizes at East Grinstead, for the county of Sussex, for the cruel murder of Richard Hawkins, and is hung in chains near the Dog and Partridge on Slindon Common ; and whose trial follows this account of the seven con­demned at Chichester.
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