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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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134                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
the face, but did not care to repeat any of the cruelties he had exercised.
We are now come to the conclusion of the trials, and the behaviour of those who were executed at Chichester, and shall next proceed to those that were brought on at the assizes at East Grinstead, where two of the same gang were tried for murder, namely, Sheerman for that of Galley, and John Mills, called Smoker, for that of Hawkins, who was destroyed in as cruel and barbarous a manner as either Galley or Chater.
After which we shall give an account of the trials of the other smugglers, which were very remarkable for the most notorious crimes with which they are charged, such as murder, housebreaking, robberies on the highway, &c. But as Sheerman was tried for the crime for which several others had been already convicted, as has before been related, we think this trial will most properly follow those of his confederates, and with whom he had been concerned throughout the whole course of their villainies.
After which will follow the trial of John Mills, who not only had a hand in the murder of Chater, but likewise was a principal in that of poor Hawkins.
Henry Sheerman, otherwise Little Harry, was indicted for the inhuman murder of William Galley, which the said Sheerman, in company with several others, did perpetrate and accomplish on the said William Galley, by tying and fastening him on a horse, and then lashing, whipping and beating him with their whips* till the said Galley, no longer able to bear the cruel scourges, fell with his head under the horse's belly, and his feet across the saddle; that being again set upright on the horse, the said prisoner, with the rest, again
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