Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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138                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
them out all bloody; and he believed that Jackson and Carter had kicked them with their spurs, which they had just before put on ; that they then brought Galley and Chater out to the street door, and set them both upon the same horse, and tied their legs together under the horse's belly. That then he (the witness) got upon a grey horse, and led that the deceased and Chater were upon; that they had not gone above 80 yards, before Jackson called out " Whip the dogs, cut them, slash them, d...n them"; and then the company fell to lashing and whipping them ; while they rode about a mile to a place called Wood's Ashes; that there they all alighted, and the prisoner, Little Harry, gave each of them a dram, but none to Galley and Chater; that mounting their horses again, they fell to beating and lashing the two men as violently as they had done before, till they came to Dean, which was about half-a-mile further ; that then one of the company pulled out a pistol, and swore he would shoot them (Galley and Chater) through the head, if they made any noise while they were passing through the village ; when they were got through Dean, they fell to whipping them again, till they came almost to Idsworth, when Galley and Chater fell again with their heads under the horse's belly ; upon which they parted them, and set up Galley behind him (this witness), and Chater behind Little Sam, and thus proceeded towards Lady Holt Park, about three miles further, whipping them all the way ; but the lashes of their whips falling on this witness, he cried out and they left off whipping Galley ; that being come to Lady Holt Park, Galley being faint and tired, got off, and Jackson and Carter took him by the arms and legs, and carried him to a well there, into which they said they would throw him; but some of
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