Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.                             139
the company interposing, they set him up behind this witness, but went on till they came down a hill, and Galley, not being able to ride any further, got down again; upon which they laid him upon the pommel of the saddle, across a horse before Richards, with his belly down­wards, and in this manner carried him about a mile and a half; that then Eichards, being tired of holding him, let him down by the side of the horse ; that then they put him upon the grey horse which this witness rode upon, and this witness got off; they sat him up, his legs across the saddle, and his body lay over the mane, and Jackson held him on, and went on in this manner for about half a mile, Galley crying out grievously all the time, " Barbarous usage ! barbarous usage ! For God's sake shoot me through the head or through the body ;" he (the witness) imagined that Jackson was squeezing his privy parts. That they went on for two miles further, and coming to a dirty lane, Carter and Jackson rode forwards, and bad them stop at the swing gate till they returned. Being gone a little while, they came back again and said that the man of the house was ill and could not entertain them. It was then proposed to go to the house of one Scardefield at Eake, upon which the prisoner tied Galley with a cord, and got up on horseback behind him in order to hold him on; and coming to a gravelly knap in the road, Galley cried out, " I shall fall, I shall fall;" whereupon the prisoner then said, " D...n you, then fall," and gave him a push, and Galley fell down, gave a spirt and never spoke after­wards ; he (the witness) believed his neck was broken by the fall; that then they laid him across the horse again, and went to the Red Lion at Eake, kept by William Scardefield, whither they carried Chater all over blood. That Jackson and the prisoner went from
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