Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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house, asked for his master Curtis, and stayed with this deponent till night, when the prisoners Mills and Curtis came; that Curtis called for Eobb, and said, " Robb, we have got a prisoner here "; then Hawkins got down from behind Mills, and all went in together, to a parlour in the prisoner Eeynolds's house ; that they all, viz., Hawkins (the deceased), Curtis, Mills, Eowland, otherwise Eobb, and this deponent, sat down together; that then they began to examine Hawkins about the two bags of tea, which he denied, saying he
knew nothing of the matter; that Curtis said, " D......n
you, you do know, and if you do not confess I
shall whip you till you do, for, d......n you, I have
whipped many a rogue, and washed my hands in his blood ; " that the prisoner Reynolds came in when they were urging the deceased to confess, and said to the deceased," Dick, you had better confess, it will be better for you "; his answer was, " I know nothing of it." After Eeynolds was gone, Mills and Eobb were angry with the deceased ; that Eobb struck him in the face and made his nose bleed, and threatened to whip him to death ; that Mills showed he was pleased with what Eobb had done, and again threatened the deceased, who said, " If you whip me to death, I know nothing of it"; that then Mills and Eobb made the deceased strip to his shirt, then they began to whip him over the face, arms and body, till they were out of breath, he all the while crying out that he was innocent, and begged them, for God's sake, and Christ's sake, to spare his life for the sake of his wife and child ; that when they were out of breath, they pulled off their clothes to their shirts, and whipped him again till he fell down; when he was down they whipped him over the legs and belly, and upon the deceased kicking up his legs to save his belly,
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