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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS                             155
William Bullmar was called, who deposed that one day in January last was twelvemonth, he was at the prisoner Eeynold's house with William Rowe in the kitchen ; that lie saw Curtis in the house, and heard there were other people with him in the new back parlour; that himself was there till twelve o'clock at night, and that the prisoner Eeynolds was with him during all that time, excepting when he went to draw beer for his customers in the kitchen.
William Rowe deposed that he was-at the prisoner Eeynolds's house at the same time as the before-men­tioned witness, that he saw Curtis and Mills in the house, and heard there were other people with them in the back room; that he stayed till twelve o'clock at night, during which time the prisoner Eeynolds was with him except when he was called to draw drink for company.
The judge, after he had summed up all the evidence exactly in the manner it had been sworn, observed to the jury, that with regard to the prisoner Mills, the facts were proved extremely clear, as he had called no witnesses to contradict the evidence for the King in any shape; that with respect to the prisoner Reynolds it did not appear that he was in the party that committed the murder, but that he was at home at peace in his own house, when this transaction happened; if therefore, they believed the witness called on his behalf, they must acquit him, and the jury, without going out, found Mills Guilty, and acquitted Eeynolds.*
* Notwithstanding James Reynolds was acquitted of the murder, yet as it appeared very plain that he concealed the murder, by knowing Hie same had been committed by the prisoner and the others who stand indicted for the same ; as being present at the consultation for concealing the murder, and of burying the dead body, and advising therein, and his wife also being present, they are both indicted for the same, and are to be tried at the next assizes.
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