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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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158                             SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
hangers, before he would submit. They then brought them all three to the county gaol for Surrey, where they found Eobert Fuller and Jockey Brown in custody for smuggling ; and knowing that they had been guilty of many robberies on the highway in Sussex, they applied to the government for a Habeas Corpus, to carry them all five down to the assizes at East Grinstead, where, though they were each tried only upon one indictment, yet there was another indictment for murder, besides two for robbery against Mills, another for a robbery against Fuller, and two other indictments against the two Kemps, besides a number of other prosecutors, who were ready at East Grinstead to lay indictments against them, if there had been occasion.
John Mills, about 30 years of age, son of Eichard Mills, of Trotton, lately executed at Chichester, was bred up to the business of a colt-breaker by his father. He said he had been a smuggler many years, and blamed Jeremiah Curtis, alias Pollard, who stands indicted for the same murder he was convicted of, and William Jackson, who was condemned at Chichester for the murders of Galley and Chater, as being the principal persons concerned in drawing him away from his honest employment.
Young Mills acknowledged himself a very wicked liver ; but complained of the witnesses, that is, such of them as had been smugglers and turned evidences, and said that they had acted contrary to the solemn oaths and engagements they had made and sworn to among themselves, and therefore wished they might all come
to the same end, and be hanged like him, and d.....ned
John Mills stood indicted for two murders, besides robberies, as is before mentioned : but it is remarkable
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