Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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160                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
time, for they were upon other business; and that he and his said two companions committed three robberies that afternoon and evening, the nearest being upwards of twelve miles from Hind Heath; but he refused to name any particulars, declaring he thought he merited
d......ation if he was to discover any thing, by means of
which any of his companions might be apprehended and convicted.
At the place of execution* he behaved himself much more sedate than he had done before, during the small time he lay under condemnation, and prayed very devoutly ; as he did indeed all the way from the gaol to the place of execution, to which he was conveyed under a strong guard of soldiers. He owned the fact of the murder of Richard Hawkins for which he suffered; but said when he went away with Curtis to fetch the two Cockrels, he did not think the man was so near his death.
He likewise acknowledged being present at the consultation at Scardefiekrs, when it was agreed to murder Daniel Chater, the shoemaker, who was at that time confined in his father's skilling or turf-house ; and also that he was concerned with the two Kemps in going with crape over their faces, and robbing farmer Havendon, of Heathfield, in the countv of Sussex.
He was pressed hard to make an ingenuous confession of all the crimes he had been guilty of, but he refused ; and said he would inform them how far he was concerned in anything that was known to the world already, but nothing else.
Being then asked if he was with the gang when the
* He was executed on a gibbet, erected on purpose, ou Slindon Common, near the Dog and Partridge, and afterwards hung in chains on the same gibbet.
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