Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.                             161
King's custom-house at Poole in Dorsetshire was broken open, he said he was, for it was too well known to deny it.
Just before he was turned off, he declared he was sorry for his ill-spent life, and desired all young people to take warning by his untimely end ; and said that Richard Rowland, alias Robb, was only a servant to Curtis, and was ordered by Curtis to assist him in whipping poor Hawkins ; for the cruelties of which and the murder of Chater, and all other wicked actions of his life, he hoped God would forgive him; declaring he died in peace with all mankind, and therefore hoped for forgiveness.
We will next proceed and give the trials in a concise manner, of Jockey Brown, the two Kemps, Fuller and Savage, all smugglers, and tried at the same assizes at East Grinstead, in Sussex, and then proceed and give an account of their wicked lives and conversation. And first we shall proceed on the trial of Jockey Brown.
John Brown, otherwise Jockey Brown, was indicted for assaulting and putting in fear John Walter, near Bersted, and robbing him of twelve guineas in gold and twelve pounds in silver, on the 12th of October, 1748.
John Walter deposed that riding along the road near Bersted, above seven o'clock at night, the 12th of October, he was stopped by four men; two of them laid hold of the horse's bridle, and demanded his money, which he not delivering, the other two pulled him off his horse, one of them drew out a pistol, and the other aimed to strike at his head with a hanger, which he guarded with his stick ; in the meanwhile one of the other two took a canvas bag with the money in it out 11
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