Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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168                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
Thomas Winter, otherwise the Coachman, an accom­plice, deposed that on the 5th of April, he and Shoemaker Tom, with the prisoner at the bar and several others, met at Deval's house at Bird's Hole, and agreed to go out and rob a waggon that was loaded with wrecked goods; that about ten o'clock at night they came all together upon Chailey Common, where they took the carrier's man prisoner, and one of them kept him so, while the rest went and rifled the waggon. That they broke open several boxes and parcels, and took away a large parcel of scarlet cloth, and another large parcel of blue cloth, and a box with two silk gowns and two guineas in it, with other goods. That after they had loaded their horses they rode away to Bird's Hole, near Devil's Ditch, where they shared the goods; that the prisoner at the bar was with them in the robbery, and had a share of the goods.
Thomas Dixon, otherwise Shoemaker Tom, another accomplice, deposed that he and Winter, and several others, met together at Deval's house, at Bird's Hole, and agreed to go and rob the waggon, as mentioned by the last evidence; that there they laid hold of the carrier's man, took him some distance from the waggon, and set one of their number as a guard over him ; that they then plundered the waggon, and took the cloth and other things mentioned in the indictment ; that having loaded their horses, they made the best of their way to Bird's Hole, and in a ditch near that place they divided the spoil.
Being asked by the court if the prisoner at the bar was with them at the time of their committing the robbery, said he believed he was, but was not sure; but that he was very sure that he was present at the time of sharing the goods, and that he had his share in
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