Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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Steel. I cannot say any such thing ; he joined us at Rowland's Castle.
Q. You say the Hawkhurst gang joined you at the Forest of Bere, and had a little horse with them ?
Steel. Yes.
Q. What arms were upon that little horse ?
Steel. I think there were seven long muskets on him.
Q. Were the arms for you ?
Steel. We had arms before that; they were brought for their own use.
Q. Had Lilliwhite any arms when holding the horses ?
Steel. I cannot say that he had.
Q. Did you all put down your names on a piece of paper to go upon this affair ?
Steel. Each man's name was put down by Edmund Richards.
Q. Wras Lilliwhite's name put down ?
Steel. I cannot say it was.
Cross-examined by Glover's counsel.
Q. Was Glover ever concerned in smuggling before this ?
Steel. No; I believe he never was before or since.
Q. Did you ever hear he went with reluctancy, and against his will ?
Steel. As to that, I never heard he did ; but I believe Richards forced him to it. This I know, Glover lived in Richards' house, and I believe Richards was the occasion of his going with us.*
Q. Who was your commander ?
* Edmund Richards also stands indicted for being concerned in the murder of Galley and Chater.
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