Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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Poole before this or since ; I believe we left our horses about a quarter of a mile out of town. We left them in care of two men, Perrin and Lilliwhite. Then we went and broke open the custom-house. I saw the door broken open with two iron bars.
Q. Where did you get them ?
Fogden. I cannot tell.
Q. Where did you find the tea lodged ?
Fogden. Jt was in the top of the warehouse.
Q, Were any of the prisoners at the bar concerned in it ?
Fogden. They were there, and did assist as the rest, except the two that held the horses. We brought the horses to a place near, and then carried the tea to them. It was a very narrow lane where we stopped first, and we brought the horses up to a more open place for loading.
Q. Did the prisoners at the bar help you load ?
Fogden. Yes, all of them.
Q. Did you put an equal quantity on each horse ?
Fogden. We distributed it as near as we could. There was our little horse that carried the arms had not so much as the other horses had on them. Every horse there was loaded with tea; from thence we went to a little town called Fordingbridge ; at the next place we stopped, we weighed the tea with two pair of steelyards; for we thought it was not equal, some was scattered out of some of the bags. Then we divided it as equally as we could; they were quartern bags, each prisoner had five bags.
Q. When did you see Lilliwhite first ?
Fogden. In the forest ; I never saw him before.
Q. Was lie there before or after you ?
Fogden. I cannot tell. 13
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