Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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194                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
Q. Did you hear any threats, if any should discover this affair what should be done to them ?
Fogden. No, Sir.
Q. Had Lilliwhite arms when left with the horses ?
Fogden. I believe he had not.
Q. Was Lilliwhite ever with you a-smuggling before?
Fogden. No, never as I know of.
Q. Was Glover ever with you a-smuggling before ?
Fogden. No, never as I know of.
The counsel for the King resting their proof here, the prisoners were severally called upon to make their defence, when Kingsmill and Fairall said they had nothing to say, only that they knew nothing of the matter.
Perrin, having retained counsel for him, called the following persons to his character.
John Guy. I have known Perrin almost twenty years. He is a carpenter, and always bore a very good character among his neighbours. I never heard he neglected his business.
Q. Did you ever hear he was a smuggler ?
Guy. I have known him these fifteen or sixteen years, and he always bore a very good character. I never heard in my life of his neglecting his business and going a-smuggling.
Q. Did you never hear he was a smuggler ?
Guy. No, never, but by hearsay, as folks talk.
Richard Glover's defence: I was forced into it by my brother-in-law, Edmund Eichards, who threatened to shoot me if I would not go along with him.
William Tapling. I have known Richard Glover twenty years; I never heard before this unhappy affair that he was a smuggler; I believe he never was before. I know his brother-in-law Eichards, and that Glover
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