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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.                             197
years; he always bore a very good character; was a worthy young fellow, and brought up in the farming under his father, who was a man in very good circum­stances ; he minded his father's business very diligently ; I have known him refuse going out upon parties of pleasure, because he has had business of his father's to do; he married since this affair happened to a woman of fortune; I never heard him charged with any such crime as this before.
Sir Cecil Bishop. The prisoner married my house­keeper's daughter; had not he been a man of good character, I should not have been consenting to the match, which I was; she brought him a good fortune; he is a deserving young man, and I cannot think he would be guilty of such a crime knowingly.
The evidence being all finished, Sir Thomas Abney summed up the whole in a very impartial manner; taking notice that in the case of Lilliwhite, if they thought the evidence that had been given against him was not quite full, as to his going voluntarily with them, and that he was not armed with firearms, they might acquit him.
The jury went out of court, and in about a quarter of an hour returned into court, and gave their verdict as follows, viz.:—
Thomas Kingsmill, William Fairall, and Eichard Perrin, Guilty. Death.
Thomas Lilliwhite, Acquitted.
Richard Glover, Guilty, but recommended to mercy.
Thomas Lilliwhite was immediately discharged out of court as soon as he was acquitted; and the other four received sentence of death the same day, together with the other four criminals who had been tried and convicted of divers felonies and robberies.
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