Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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upheld. But lest this should fail of its effect, and the principle of gratitude not have force sufficient to secure the practice of this duty, the Holy Scriptures have bound it upon us by all possible obligations.
There are no duties that our blessed Saviour in the institution of His laws had a greater regard to, than those which arise from civil society, and tend to make us useful members of the" community to which we belong. Accordingly as He laid the best foundation for such a general practice of truth and justice as, if duly followed, would secure effectually the properties of private persons ; so He was particularly careful to save the rights of princes, and recommended in the strongest terms that obedience which is due to those whom the laws have appointed rulers in every nation. And although, when the Jews maliciously accused Him of treason against the state, and impeached Him before Pilate as an enemy to Caesar for declaring Himself a King, He does not deny that He was a King, because, as He tells, it was " for this end He was born, that He might bear witness to this truth;" yet to shew that He had no evil designs against the person of Caesar, nor any intention of interfering either with his, or any human government whatsoever, He expressly asserts that " My kingdom is not of this world." And again, that the rulers of the world might have no reasonable grounds of prejudice, no enmity against Him or His religion, through any apprehension of danger from them to their respective governments, He enjoins it as an in­dispensable duty upon all His followers, to " render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's," as well as *' unto God the things that are God's." They, indeed, who are invested with the supreme authority, and act as God's immediate vicegerents in the world, are the
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