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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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away on horses; and in the same month, some other officers having received information that a parcel of brandy was to be run at Kingston, and going in pursuit of it, met with ten smugglers, one of whom presented a pistol in order to rescue the goods ; but the officers getting the better of the smugglers, seized the brandy and carried it to the custom-house.
In the natural course of events these affrays must end in bloodshed; and in March, 1737, a fatal engage­ment took place at Bulverhithe, with one of the then numerous gangs of Sussex smugglers, an account of which is given in a letter, dated March 10, from a person writing under the assumed name of Goring, to the Commissioners of Customs :—*
" May it please (your) Honours,—It is not unknown to your Lordships of the late battle between the smuglers and officers at Bulverhide ; and in relation to that business, if your Honours please to advise in the newspapers, that this is expected off, I will send a list of the names of the persons that were at that business, and the places' names where they are usually and mostly resident. Catf (Morten's man) fired first, Morten was the second that fired; the soldiers fired and killed Collison,J wounded Pizon, who is since dead ; William Weston was wounded, but like to recover. Young Mr. Brown was not there, but his men and horses were ; from your Honours'
" Dutifull and Most faithfull servant,
" Goring."
* Treasury Papers.—Customs : Rolls House. f The Family names will be familiar to many in our own day as very active, bold men.
X Another well-known name.
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