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DISPLAY & Printing Problems. This site makes heavy use of CSS (cascading style sheets) for layout and display of the books and other pages. Unfortunately, both IE6 and IE7 do seem to have problems displaying and printing some pages that use CSS.
Overlapping, misplaced or clipped text and graphics on screen or printout is the most common symptom. If you are having these problems I recommend you try free FIREFOX browsers, it does seem to handle a lot of these problems. It does not interfere with or prevent your use of Internet Explorer and is definitely worth while having on you PC as a second browser or you may like me find that you end up using it in preference to IE.


To give a slightly old fashioned look in keeping with our mainly Victorian era books, this site mostly uses the font known as Bookman Old Style, and looks best if you have it installed. Bookman Old Style comes with most MS office products and is one which is therefore quite common, however, if your system does not have it, the text will default to display in the ubiquitous Times Roman which may not look quite so good. I have found a FREE downloadable version of the Bookman font, see below. (copy and paste to IE address box)

where you can download some free versions of the Bookman font. I have looked at these and they look pretty similar to the real ones. Sussex History site uses the regular, bold and italic versions, so you should download and install at least those. They are provided only in Truetype (.ttf) format for Windows. They are easy to install; just copy the .ttf files into your Windows font folder which for most people will be found at:


In case the above page disappears, let me know at rod at (modify to standard form before use) and I will try and provide you with an alternative download source.


These books are converted into web readable form by means of scanning the original and the using optical character reading (OCR) to extract the text. This process is quite prone to errors; this, and the problems of representing a paper page layout on a web page is the cause of the occasional errors and weirdness you may find. I do try and sort out the worst of these errors but I know I miss some and I hope the errors remaining do not adversely affect your use of this site too much.

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