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The country along the Sussex shore abounds in cul-de-sacs and sometimes, from the presence of unsuspected streams (particularly on the maritime plain), the unwary wayfarer may find it necessary to retrace his steps and get further than ever from the village where he would be. Reliable maps are really indispensable, particularly for the motorist exploring the remoter villages. The country people, though invariably good-natured, are usually very vague in their sense of direction and distance. Even in these days there are plenty who have never been more than a few miles from their homes.
It is unnecessary to say that the Ordnance Maps for which the surveying is done by the Royal Engineers, and whose original purpose (as the name implies) was to facilitate the transport of big guns, are the best, and that others are only good so far as they resemble them. They may be had in convenient sheets folding to go into a pocket and the scales of one inch to a mile, one inch to two miles, and one inch to four miles, may be recommended respectively to the pedestrian, the cyclist, and the motorist.
The Ordnance Survey Maps for the Sussex Coast, are these :
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