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. THE MANHOOD                          79
authority usurped within the same. And likewise have sent forth my suffragan to preach and publish most speedily the same in the most populous towns within my diocese. And further, have proceeded that by this day at the furthest, there is neither Abbot, Prior, Dean, Archdeacon, Provost, Parson, Vicar, nor Curate within my diocese but they have commandment to publish the same in their churches every Sunday and solemn Feast accord­ingly. And as much as in me is I shall see and cause them to continue in doing of their duty in this behalf. Most heartily desiring you the King's highness that it may please his Grace, considering my age and impotency, that the further doing of these promises by other sufficient persons, may be sufficient for my discharge in this behalf. And if it shall please you to particularly advertise me of the King's pleasure herein, ye shall bind me to do you any pleasure that lieth in my little power. And thus fare ye most heartily well. " From Selsey, 28th June,
" Your bounden orator,
It was in these parts that St. Richard during a famine miraculously fed three thousand poor people with a very inadequate supply of beans; such at least is the tradition, and further, he is credited with the building of the parish church, which is at West Wittering. It is a fine Early English structure of two or three slightly different periods, the whole of which one would have been inclined to date earlier than St. Richard's time, but only by about thirty years. Now no fact more remarkably demonstrates the unity of mediaeval Christendom than the practically con-
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