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trees of the park on the slope of the Downs, so majestically dominates the maritime plain.
In the same poem the river Test sings the great achievements of Bevis, who, sold by his sinful mother to an Armenian at Southampton, started on Eastern travels, andó
"Then sang she, in the fields how as he went to sport, And those damn'd Panims heard, who in despightful
sort Derided Christ the Lord ; for his Redeemer's sake He on those heathen hounds did there such slaughter
make, That whilst in their black mouths their blasphemies
they drew, They headlong went to hell. As also how he slew That cruel boar, whose tusks turn'd up whole fields of
*             *               *               *               *
As to his farther praise, how for that dangerous fight The great Armenian King made noble Bevis Knight: And having raised power, Damascus to invade, The General of his force this English hero made. Then how fair Josian gave him Arundel his steed, And Morglay his good sword, in many a valiant deed Which manfully he try'd.
*             *               *               *               *
And how at his return the King (for service done
The honour to his reign and to Armenia won)
In marriage to this Earl the Princess Josian gave."
From other accounts we learn of other marvellous adventures that befell this gallant and illustrious knight. His dogs not seldom got much bespattered with our Sussex mud, and at Bosham he was wont to break his journeys for the purpose of washing them ; he further honoured that port by leaving his staff in the church, and a Roman bust found
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