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138                   THE SUSSEX COAST
in the Temporal State they should have no officers but Constables."
"A Bishop as a Bishop had never any Ecclesias­tical Jurisdiction ; for as soon as he was Electus confirmatus, that is, after the three Proclamations in Bow Church, he might exercise jurisdiction before he was consecrated; yet till then he was no Bishop, neither could he give Orders."
"It is a vain thing to talk of an heretic, for a man from his heart can think no otherwise than he does think. In the primitive times there were many opinions, nothing scarce, but some or other held. One of these opinions being embraced by some prince, and received into his kingdom, the rest were condemned as heresies ; and his religion, which was but one of the several opinions, first is said to be orthodox, and so to have continued ever since the apostles."
"They talk (but blasphemously enough) that the Holy Ghost is president of their general councils, when the truth is, the odd man is still the Holy Ghost."
"A King is a thing men have made for their own sakes, for quietness sake. Just as in a family one man is appointed to buy the meat."
" Equity is a Roguish thing, for Law we have a measure. . . . Equity is according to the Conscience of him that is Chancellor and as that is larger or narrower, so is Equity. 'Tis all one as if they should make the standard for the measure we call (a Foot) a Chancellor's foot."
"Of all Actions of a Man's Life, his Marriage does least concern other people, yet of all Actions of our Life 'tis most meddled with by other People."
Worthing itself is mostly in the old parish of
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