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the Council of Nicsea he vindicated the orthodox faith and electrified the august assembly by ad­ministering to heretic Arius a sounding box on the ears. His popularity in the West vastly increased after 1087, when some sailors of Bari, in Italy, made a raid on Myra, captured his relics, and bore them in triumph to their own city, where they are still enshrined. On his day during the Middle Ages the boy bishop was chosen from among the choristers.
This church still uses a hymn about St. Nicholas that was written by Canon Ellerton, a former curate.
"Praise our God for all the wonders
Wrought by His right hand of old ; Deeds of which we tell our children,
Saints of whom our fathers told ; Praise Him for His faithful servant
By whose name this House we call, Champion of his Saviour's Godhead
In Nicsea's Council-hall!
Brought by long-forgotten teachers,
Many a legend fair and quaint Taught our simple sires to cherish
Memories of the Sailor-Saint: Told them how he loved the children,
How he succoured those in need, How he burned with righteous anger,
Valiant for the Church's Creed.
So the seaman and the fisher
Called the Church upon the Down By his name who taught the sailors
In that old Levantine town ; Carved upon their Font his story,
Raised his tower above the shore Found their rest beneath its shadow
When the storms of life were o'er."
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