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NEWHAVEN                           255
to dance in costume that need not be specified, while the rector and his wife drank a bottle of wine and also a bottle of beer. The comment of Mr. Turner on this outrageous behaviour is exceedingly mild: " Now let anyone call in reason to his assistance, and seriously reflect on what I have before recited, and they will join me in thinking that the precepts delivered from the pulpit on Sunday, tho' delivered with the greatest ardour, must lose a great deal of their efficacy by such examples."
On June 10, 1761, "was fought this day at Jones's, a main of cocks, between the gentlemen of Hothly and Pevensey. Quere, Is there a gentleman in either of the places that was consernd?" In this sentiment we need have little quarrel with the opinion of Mr. Turner, who thirty years before Rev. T. R. Malthus published his laboured Essay on Population wrote his own view on the same subject, which is very much more to the point. "In my own private oppinion, I think, instead, of making laws to restrain marriage, it would be more to the advantage of the nation to give encouragement to it; for by that means a great deal of debau­chery would, in all probability, be prevented, and a great increase of people might be the consequence, which, I presume, would be real benefit to the nation; and I think it is the first command of the Parent and Governor of the universe, 'Increase and multiply,' and the observation of St. Paul is, that 'mairiage is honourable in all men.'"
Following his own advice Mr. Turner decided to marry again, and to this end he cultivated the acquaintance of Miss Molly Hicks of Mailing;
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