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326                   THE SUSSEX COAST
vacant, secured the place by exchange (in which we may be sure she lost nothing) and shortly afterwards she transferred it to Thomas Sackville, Baron Buckhurst, Knight of the Garter, a famous Sussex worthy who in 1591 became Chancellor of Oxford University, in 1599 Lord Treasurer of Eng­land, and in 1604 the first Earl of Dorset. He wrote the Induction for the Mirror for Magistrates in which an old woman named Sorrow conducts him through Hades as believed in by Virgil; he was the joint author with Thomas Norton of the first English tragedy, called Gorboduc, which was acted in the Inner Temple Hall. The moral is that divided rule is bad for the rulers and the ruled,
" But worst of all for this our native land. Within one land one single rule is best; Divided reigns do make divided hearts ; But peace preserves the country and the prince."
It contains a passage which seems to anticipate Tennyson:—
"So like a shattered column lay the King,— Not like that Arthur who, with lance in rest, From spur to plume a star of tournament, Shot thro' the lists at Camelot, and charged Before the eyes of ladies and of Kings."
In sending him a copy of the Faerie Queen, Spenser wrote—
" In vain, I thinke, right honorable lord,
By this rude rime to memorize thy name, Whose learned muse hath writ her owne record In golden verse, worthy immortal fame :
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