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She being then bereaved cleane
Of hope, yet did invent, By her rare policy, a meane To worke her heart's content.
In garments strange
She straight did change Herself rejecting feare,
To goe with him
Whom she did deeme The pride of Lester-shire.
And in the habit of a page She did entreat his lord, That, being a boy of tender age, He would his grace afford,
That he might goe
Service to show To him both far and neere,
Who little thought
What love she ought To the pride of Lester-shire. . . .
For having travelled six weekes,
Unknowne unto her lover, With rosie blushes in her cheekes, Her minde she did discover.
'See here,' quoth she,
' One that for thee Hath left her parents deare.
Poor Margery,
The mayde of Rie I am. Behold me here.'
When Anthony did heare this worde,
His heart with joy did leape. He went unto this noble lorde, To whom he did repeat This wonderfull thing, Which straight did bring
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