A Dictionary Of The Sussex Dialect - online book

A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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To the Rev. W. W. Skeat, as the representative of that Society, I owe more than I am able to express for the guidance that he has given me, and the pains that he has taken to render this work as free as possible from imperfections. Without his assistance I could never have presented it to the reader in the form it now assumes.
Professor Bosworth also, although busily engaged (in his 87th year) in bringing out a new quarto Anglo-Saxon dictionary, found time to encourage me in my work, and set me in the right track by correcting the first pages of my proof. To him and many others my best thanks are due. Such a work could never have been done single-handed, and volunteers have come forward on all sides to help me.
The Rev. W. de St. Croix, late editor of the Sussex Archaeo­logical Society's Collections, has for many years given me valuable assistance. Miss Bessie C. Curteis, of Leasam, near Rye, has con­tributed at least 200 words, with conversational illustrations and legends from the East Sussex district. The Rev. J. C. Egerton, of Burwash, has also placed at my disposal his collection of upwards of 100 words in use in his section of the county; and when I add that the Rev. C. Swainson has helped me in my folk-lore, and Mr. James Britten, of the British Museum, has corrected my botanical definitions, the reader will understand how much kindly effort has been made to render my work successful, and how little its success (if it shall be attained) is due to myself.
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