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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Draining-spoon, w. An iron tool used by drainers to take out the earth which crumbles down to the bottom of the cutting.
Draught. A drawing.
" There was a gentleman making a draught of the church this morning."
Draught. 61 lbs., or a quarter of a pack of wool (240 lbs.), with one pound allowed for the turn of the scale.
Draw. A stratagem or device whereby a person is caught or drawn as it were into a trap.
Dray, or Draw. A squirrel's nest.
On St. Andrew's day, November 30, there was in former times an annual diversion called squirrel hunting, when crowds of people went out into the woods with sticks and guns, with which they not only destroyed squirrels, but any­thing that came in their way. This custom was kept up in Sussex till within the last fifty years, but now, in consequence of the inclosure of coppices and more strict preservation of game, it is wholly discontinued.
Drean, m. A drain.
Dredge. A mixture of oats and barley, now very little sown.
Dredge, m. [Drcege, Ang. Sax., a drag.] A quantity of bushes, chiefly of thorn, bound together and drawn over meadows for the purpose of pulverizing dung or mould, called also a bush-harrow.
Drib. [Dripan, Ang. Sax, to drop.] A very small quantity of anything.
Driftway, m. [Drifan, Ang. Sax., to drive.] A cattle-path to water; a way by which sheep or cattle are driven, generally a greenway from high ground to low.
Drink, m. Medicine for cattle.
"I gave the old cow a drink last night, and she's up again and looking eversmuch better this morning."
Drinker Acre, e. The land set apart on dividing brook-land (which was depastured in common) for mowing, to provide drink and provisions for the tenants and labourers.
Drillaty, m. [Corruption of Dilatory.]
Drophandkerchief. The game of kiss-in-the ring.
Drove-road. An unenclosed road through a farm leading to different fields.
Drugged, e. Half dried; said of linen, &c.
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