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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.                       65
Justabout, m. Certainly; extremely.
" I justabout did enjoy myself up at the Cristial Palace on the Foresters' day, but there was a terr'ble gurt crowd; I should think there must have been two or three hundred people a-scrouging about."
Just-beast, or Joist-beast, e. A beast taken in to graze.
This word is probably a corruption of agist-beast. Agist­ment was the feeding of cattle in a common pasture at a fixed price. In the year 1531 the agistment of a horse for the summer cost 3s. 4d.
Justly, m. Exactly.
"I doant justly know how old I be, but I knows I be above sixty years of age; for ye see I went to work when I was somewhere's about nine years old (that was in old Mus Ridge's time), and I kep on till I was somewheres about fower-and-twenty; and then a young woman got me into trouble, and I was forced to goo away to sea; but I didn't hold to that above six or seven years, and then I come home and got drawed for the Militia and sarved ten year, and then volunteered for a sodger and sarved my time fifteen years; and then I corned back to the farm, and theje I've worked for fower-and-farty year, till I got quite entirely eat up with the rheumattics, and now I aint done naun for these last ten years, and sometimes they be better than what they be othersome; so I knows I be above sixty year old, though I doant justly know how old I be."
Keblock, w. The wild turnip.
Keddle-nets. Stake nets.
Keeler, m. [Coelan, Ang. Sax., to cool.] A shallow tub used for cooling beer.
Kell, m. [Cyl, Welsh.] A kiln.
"I've been quite out of kelter ever sen I've lived up aside of the lime-kells; the reek's enough to choke one other-whiles."
Kellick, w. A romp.
Kelter, m. Condition. "This farm seems in very good kelter."
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