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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Ken, m. [Corruption of Kin.]
Kerf, to. [Ang. Sax., ceorfan, to cut; cyrf, a cutting.] The cut
made by a saw; a notch. Kettle, w. A swelling; a dark lump found in suet or pork. Kettly, w. Full of kettles or kernels.
Keveling, m. The name given at Brighton to the skate; at
Hastings the fish is called "a maid," and at Dover "a
damsel." Kex, e. The dry hollow stalk of hogweed, cow parsley, and
other umbelliferae. Kickel, e. [Cicel, Ang. Sax.] A sort of flat cake, with sugar
and currants strewn on the top.
Kid, e. A small wooden tub.
Kid, w. The pod of peas or beans.
Kiddle, e. To entice; to coax.
Kiddle, e. [Citelian, Ang. Sax., to tickle.] To tickle.
"Those thunderbugs did kiddle me so that I couldn't keep still no hows."
Kiddle, w Delicate.
Kilk, m. Charlock, sinapis arvensis, a weed with a yellow flower which grows among the corn.
The employment of children at kilk-pulling is a serious obstacle to education in the agricultural districts.
Kime, m. A weazel.
A lady who had been giving a lesson to a Sunday school class upon Pharoah's dreams, was startled to find that all the boys supposed that the fat and lean kine were weazels.
Kimmell, m. A tub used for salting meat.
Kind, m. Fat; doing well, said of beasts.
Kink, m. [Kink, Dutch, a twist in a rope.] To twist; entangle.
Kissing-gate, w. The same as a cuckoo-gate.
Kiss-me, e. The wild heartsease. Viola tricolor.
Kiver, w. A large shallow tub.
Knap. [Cnmp, Ang. Sax., top.] The top of a hill, or any piece of rising ground.
Knettar, e; or, Knittle, w. [Cnittan, Ang. Sax., to knit.] A string fastened to the mouth of a sack to tie it with.
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