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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.                     69
Learn. To teach.
"I'll lay-up for him one of these nights and leather him middlin' if I catches him; I'll learn him how to steal my apples, letbehow'twill."
Lease, m. To glean.
Lease-wheat, m. The ears of corn picked up by the gleaners.
Least. [Loestan, Ang. Sax.] To last.
" I've picked up a little leasewheat, but that wont least very long; leastways not above a week or two."
Leastways. [Leastwise.] At least.
Leather. To flog.
Leaze, m. The right of feed for a bullock or sheep on a common.
Leetle. [Diminutive of Little.]
"I never see one of these here gurt men there's s'much talk about in the peapers, only once, and that was up at Smiffle Show adunnamany years agoo. Prime minister, they told me he was, up at Lunnon; a leetle, lear, miserable, skinny-looking chap as ever I see. 'Why,' I says, 'we doant count our minister to be much, but he's a deal primer-looking than what yourn be.'"
Lent. A loan.
"I thank you for the lent of your horse."
Letbehow'twill, m. An expression always pronounced as one word, meaning, let the consequences be what they may; abbreviated in West Sussex into behowtel.
Lew. [Hleowth, Ang. Sax., warmth.] Sheltered from the wind.
"My garden is nice and lew." Lewth. Shelter.
"You wont find but very little lewth on the hill."
Libbet, e. A stick used to knock down fruit from the trees.
When throwing at cocks was a fashionable sport, the stick which was thrown had lead let in at the end, and was called a libbet.
"The old custom of throwing at cocks on Shrove Tuesday is said to date from the fact of the crowing of a cock having prevented our Saxon ancestors from massacreing their con­querors, another part of our ancestors, the Danes, on the morning of a Shrove Tuesday, when they were asleep in their beds."                                                 Brand's Popular Antiquities.
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