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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Mother, e. To take care of.
"I doant mind mothering the dog foryoufora weekortwo."
Mothering. The service for the churching of women.
It is considered most unlucky for a woman after giving birth to a child to cross the high-road, or to pay a visit before she has been to church to return thanks.
Lupton, in his first book of notable things, ed. 1660, p. 49, says:—"If a man be the first that a woman meets after she comes out of the Church, when she is newly churched, it signifies that her next child will be a boy; if she meets a woman, then a wench is likely to be her next child. This is credibly reported to me to be true."
Mothering-pew. The pew reserved for women who desire to be churched.
It is on record that an elderly maiden lady once found her way by accident into the mothering pew in a strange church, and joined devoutly in the service, which included that appointed for the churching of women, but did not dis­cover that she had herself been churched till the clerk handed her the alms-dish for her offering.
Mother-wo. A contraction of "come hither wilt thou." A carter's call to his horse.
Mothery. Mouldy; generally applied to liquor which has become thick and incrusted.
Mowburned, m. Hay which has fermented in the stack.
Muck, m. To hurry; to overwork.
"She's mucking about from morning to night."
Mucked-up. All in confusion.
"I ddant know as you'll find a seat, for we be all so mucked-up this morning."
Muck-grubber. A sordid miser. The sort of man who would search in the dung-heap or any filthy place for the sake of money.
Muck-out. To clean thoroughly.
"I ddant think that old house has been properly mucked-out for the last ten years."
Muddle-about. To do a little work.
"I'm ever so much better, and I shouldn't wonder but what I shall be able to muddle about in a day or two."
Mudgelly." Broken, as straw is by being trodden by cattle. f 2
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