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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Quaint. [For acquainted.]
Quality, w. This word occurs in old parochial account books for a kind of tape.
Quartering, w. The wooden framing of a house, the upper story of which is made of wood-work covered with tiles.
Queer, m. To puzzle.
" It has queered me for a long time to find out who that man is; and my mistus she's been quite in a quirk over it. He doant seem to be quaint with nobody, and he doant seem to have no business, and for all that he's always to and thro', to and thro', for everlastin'."
Quern, w. [CwSorn, Ang. Sax., a mill.] A hand-mill to grind
"Are you not he
That frights the maidens of the villag'ry,
Skim miik, and sometimes labour in the quern?"
Midsummer Night's Dream, Act ii. sc. I.
Quest, e. To give tongue like a hound.
Quick, w. Pregnant.
"Faith, unless you play the honest Trojan, the poor wench is cast
*'           4                       Love's Labour Lost, Act v. sc. 2.
Quick. [Cwic, Ang. Sax., living.] Alive.
" I thought that the sheep was dead when I first saw it, but I found it was quick still."
Quick. To hurry; used actively and reflexively.
" I'll quick him fast enough if he doesn't quick himself a little more."
Quick. An expression applied to the sands when they are insecure from not being sufficiently firm and dry.
"You should not ride on the sands so soon after the tide has turned, for they are sure to be quick and shifting."
Quid. A cud.
Quiddy, e. [Que dis tu? French.] What do you say? " Quiddy ? I didn't hear what you said."
Quilers, or Quoilers,w. Part of the harness of a cart horse; the breeching.
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