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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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94                      A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Rank. Smoke.
Rave-cart. A common cart fitted with raves.
Raves. Two frames of wood which are laid on the top of a wagon in such a way as to meet in the middle and project on all sides beyond the body of the vehicle, so as to enable it to carry a larger load.
Reafe. [Redfian, Ang. Sax., to seize; seize upon.] To antici­pate pleasure; to long for the accomplishment of anything; to speak continually on the same subject.
Rearing-feast. A feast given to the workmen when the roof is reared or put on the house.
Rebellious. [Corruption of Bilious.]
" I should be very much obliged for a few of them re­bellious pills."
Reckon, m. To suppose. A Sussex man uses the expression, "I reckon" as often as an American uses " I guess."
" Did put the yoke upon us; which to shake off, Becomes a warlike people, whom we reckon Ourselves to be."                     —Cymbeline, Act iii. sc. i.
Recollects, e. Memory.
" I quite lost my recollects, and the doctor he redeemed it was through along of the fever."
Redeem, m. [Corruption of Deem.] To consider; to give an opinion.
Reek, m. [Redc, Ang. Sax., smoke.] Fog or mist rising from the marsh.
"You common cry of curs! Whose breath I hate As reek of the rotten fens."
Coriolanus, Act iii. sc. 3.
Reeve. [Ge-refa, Ang. Sax.] A bailiff; an officer of the lord of the manor.
Refuge, e. To separate the inferior sheep or lambs from the flock.
Refuge. [Corruption of Refuse.] Worthless; unsaleable.
Render. To give the finishing coat of plaster to a wall.
Reve, or Reves, m. Rent or tithes. The fishermen at Brighton are liable to pay six mackerel as reves each time they return from mackerel fishing.
Reynolds. " Mus Reynolds" is the name given to the fox.
When I was first told that " Mus Reynolds come along last night" he was spoken of so intimately that I supposed
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