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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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100                     A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Scratch-along. To pull through hard times.
"What with otherwhiles a day's turmut-hoeing, and other-whiles a day's tan-flawin', and otherwhiles a job of gardenin', I've just managed to scratch along somehows."
Scraze. [Connected with graze.] To scratch, or rather to
scratch and bruise at the same time.
"She was climmin' up after some scads and fell down and
scrazed her knees." Scrier, or Screer, e. A high-standing sieve which is used
for cleansing corn from dust and other rubbish; sometimes
called a screen.
Scrow, or Scrowse, e. [Connected with the Old English word crus, wrathful.] Angry; dark and scowling.
Scrump, e. [Scrimmian, Ang. Sax., to wither up.] Anything undersized.
In Hampshire a small shrivelled up apple is called a scrumpling.
Scry, e. To sift corn through a scrier.
Scud. Driving rain; mist.
Scuffle, e. An outer garment worn by children to keep their clothes clean; a coarse apron for dirty work.
Scuffle-plough, w. A skim; a horse-hoe.
Scuppit. A wooden shovel used by maltsters and hop-driers.
Scutchett,* w. The refuse of wood.
Scuttv, m. A wren; also called a cutty.
The Sussex small boys have a Small Birds Act of their own, which is found sufficient for the protection of all birds which they consider entitled to protection, and commands much more respect and obedience than a recent Act of Parliament.
"Robins and wrens Are God Almighty's friends;
Martins and swallers Are God Almighty's scholars."
Seam. [Seam, Ang. Sax.] Eight bushels, or a horse load.
Sean, or Seine. [Seine, Old French, still used in France.] A very large net used for catching mackerel or herrings.
Sear. [Searian, Ang. Sax., to dry up.] Dry; withered; burnt up by the sun. (See Sare.)
" My May of life Is fallen into the sear, the yellow leaf."
Macbeth, Act v. sc. 3.
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