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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Tempory. [Corruption of Temporary.] Slight; badly finished.
"Who be I? Why I be John Carbury, that's who I be!
And who be you? Why, you aint a man at all, you aint!
You be naun but a poor tempory creetur run up by contract,
that's what you be!"
Tenantry-acre. Mr. Durrant Cooper gives the following account of this allotment:—"The proportion between the tenantry and the statue acre is very uncertain. The tenantry land was divided first into laines, of several acres in extent, with good roads, some sixteen feet wide between them; at right angles with these were formed, at uncertain intervals, tenantry roads, of some eight feet in width, dividing the laines into furlongs. In each furlong every tenant had a right to his proportion, which was set out for him, not by fixing any superficial quantity, but by measuring along the line of the tenantry road of each furlong a certain number of feet to each paul, the number of feet being the same, whatever was the depth of the furlong; thus, if the furlong, for instance, consisted of what is called a hatchet-piece, some­thing like three-quarters of a square, the part where the piece was two squares deep would contain double the superficial contents of the portion at the other end, where the measurement next the road would be similar but the depth only one half."                              Sussex Glossary, p. 65.
Tend. To watch.
"He can't sing in church no more, for he goos to work rook-tending, and he comes home of nights that hoarse that you can't hardly hear him speak."
Terrible. Excessively. (Pronounced tarrible, as below).
Terrier. [Terre, French, land.] A survey and register of land. Two terriers were made at Brighton in the last century; the first in 1738, the second in 1792, by Thomas Budgen.
Terrify. (Usually pronounced tarrify.) To tease; to annoy. "These here fleas tarrifies me tarrible."
Tessy, w. Angry. [Probably a corruption of Testy.]
That. So.
" I was that tired I didn't know how to bear myself."
Thick-of-hearing, e. Slightly deaf.
" Old woman, old woman, will you go a shearing ? Speak a little louder, sir, I'm rather thick of hearing. Old woman, old woman, shall I kiss you very sweetly ? I thank you very kindly, sir, I hear you quite completely."
Old Sussex Rhyme,
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