A Dictionary Of The Sussex Dialect - online book

A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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Dramatis Persona.
Father Christmas.                       A Turkish Knight.
St. George.                                     A Doctor.
Father Christmas.—Here come I, Old Father Christmas.
Christmas or not, I hope Old Father Christmas , Will never be forgot. Make room, make room here, gallant boys,
And give us room to rhyme; We're come to show activity,
Upon, a Christmas time. Acting youth or acting age, The like was never acted on this stage; If you don't believe what I now say, Enter, St. George, and clear the way!
St. George.—Here come I, St. George the valiant man, With naked sword and spear in hand; Who fought the dragon and brought him to the slaughter, And for this won the King of Egypt's daughter. What man or mortal dare to stand Before me with my sword in hand ? I'll slay him and cut him as small as the flies, And send him to Jamaica to make mince-pies.
Turkish Knight.—Here come I, a Turkish Knight, In Turkish land I learned to fight; I'll fight St. George with courage bold, And if his blood's hot will make it cold.
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