A Dictionary Of The Sussex Dialect - online book

A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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The following names of families, now residing in the county, are derived from or connected with Sussex words which will be found in this dictionary:—
Akehurst. [Ang. Sax., dc, an oak, and hurst, a wood.]
Ashburnham. [Ang. Sax., cbsc, an ash; burne, a stream, and ham, a dwelling.
Ashdown. Aesc, an ash, and dun, a hill.
Ashenden. AEsc, an ash, and denu, a valley.
Balkham. Balca, a ridge, and ham, a dwelling.
Barton. Barton, a farm-yard. [Ang. Sax., bere-tun, an enclo­sure.]
Beck. Beck, a brook. [Ang. Sax., becc.]
Bentley. Bent, a tuft of grass, and ley (Ang. Sax., leag), a pasture.
Bickley. Beck, a brook, and ley, a pasture.
Binstead. Bin and steddle, a stand.
Bourne. A stream. [Ang. Sax., burne.']
Bostel. A hill path. (See Borstal.)
Brackfield. Brake, a fern, and field.
Broad. A common.
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