People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
Queen Maries Wells," the name never obtained general currency. Dr. Rowzee's brochure is now very rare, and is only to be found in a few great libraries—there is a copy of the original edition in the British Museum. It was at the time accepted as authoritative, and was re­printed as a text-book for physicians so late as 1671. He ascribed a high value to the curative qualities of the water, which he recommended for many diseases; and it is interesting to read the minute instructions he laid down regarding the conditions under which it should be drunk. " Now concerning the time of the day, the morning, when the Sunne is an houre more or lesse high, is the fittest time to drinke the water," he wrote. "For when the Sunne beginneth to be of force, it doth attract some of the mineral spirits, and the water loses some of its strength; and betimes in the morning it is also best walking. And you are so to drinke the water, as you may have taken the quantitie, which you intend to take that day, within as small a space of time, as conveniently you can, without oppressing your stomach too much, as within an houre, or lesse, if you be able. Those that lye not too very far from the Springs, and are able to use their legges, 32
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