People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
those at the wells unprotected, and drenched the wares of the tradesmen stationed under the trees, who consequently were chary, except on fine days when the weather was settled, of exposing choice goods.
One of the first visitors to Tunbridge Wells after the Restoration was John Evelyn, who came again in July 1661, on which occasion, " walking about the solitudes," he noted in his diary, " I greatly admired the extravagant turnings, insinuations, and growth of certain birch-trees among the rocks." l Another dis≠tinguished visitor, in the next year, was Henry Ellis, Governor of Georgia, who wrote on April 30 to William Knox, " I am drinking these waters by advice of my physician, preparatory to a course of chalybeates, either at Tunbridge or Spaw." 2 But the light of these notables fades into insignificance before the great event of a sojourn at "The Wells" in 1663 of Charles II and his Consort. In several ac≠counts the date is given as 1664, but that the early one is correct can be proved beyond a doubt by reference to the correspondence
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