People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
counties, viz. Speldhurst and Tunbridge in Kent and Frant in Sussex. This might certainly have been the case; for these parishes are actually in contact at a very small distance from the chapel; but the idea is altogether unfounded, and has probably arisen and been cherished from some motives of interest. The original deed of gift-specifies the land, given by the Earl of Bucking­ham, to be all in Tunbridge parish : and indeed it could not well have been otherwise, for it is a gift from the lord of the manor of South Frith of a portion of his manor, which on this side was co-extensive with the parish of Tunbridge, and is stated to abut on Water Doun Forest, which is the boundary of Speldhurst." In spite of Amsinck and the proof he adduced, the story, however, is still current and often repeated.
The Chapel of Ease was soon found too small for its ever-increasing congregation, and in 1696 it was enlarged and improved at the cost of £900, which sum was obtained by a special appeal. The expenses of re-erection and re­building the church did not exhaust the demands made in connection with this establish­ment, for the visitors and inhabitants were expected to provide the salary of the officiating 52
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