People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Development of Tunbridge Wells
payne's Contributions Every year—what has been, and so what will be. There is at y* Lower End of the walke, wch is a broad space before you come to ye walls of ye wells, a Large sun-dial set upon severall steps of stone, thence you go straight along to a Chappie wch has been built by ye severall Collections of y° Company Every year; its a pretty place and Cost a great deal of money, and Every year there is a Contribution for ye maintenance of a minister. There are severall buildings just about ye Well where are severall apothe­cary's shops, there is also a room for ye post house. The post Comes Every day and returns Every day .all the while the season of drinking ye waters is, from London and to it; Except Mondays non comes down from London; so on Satturdayes non goes up to London. You pay a penny Extra-ordinary for being brought from Tunbridge town wch is 4 mile distance, that being a post town, you likewise have the Conveniency of Coaches every day from London for 8 shillings apiece dureing the whole season, and Carriers twice a weeke.
" There are severall bowling greens about ye wells, one just at it on Mount Sion and another up ye hill called Mount Ephraim
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