People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
where is also a Large Chappie where the presbiterians have preaching: they have a minister wch by ye Collections of ye Company is also maintained all the winter to preach, as is the publick Chappie at the walks. There is severall other Bowling greens at a distance off a mile or two, fitted for Companys Lodging there, at Rusthall and Southborough; they have all houses to ye greens, so the Gentlemen Bowie, the Ladies dance or walke in ye green in yd afternoons, and if wet dance in y* houses, there being Musick maintained by the Company to play in ye morning so long as they drink the waters, and in ye afternoon for dancing.
" There are severall good taverns at the walks and all about to supply good wine and Brewhouses for beer and Bakers for Bread, but some of them Come from London and spoyle the market by raising ye prices —so the higlers and Hucksters in a great measure."
The royal visits to Tunbridge Wells, of course, attracted attention to the place, and many came to it to take the waters. Its name is to be found in the correspondence of the period. " Hoping you will not hold 62
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