People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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In the Eighteenth Century
But those who come here for Diversion, I think 'em as much in the Wrong; As those that expect a true Word, From a Lawyer's or Horse-dealer's Tongue.
" The Touters, before you're alighted, Like so many Myrmidons swarm; But you have small cause to be frighted, Your Purses nor Persons they'll harm. The Barber brags of his Performance, He'll shave and dress Wiggs very well: The Baker that serves him with Flower, Says, no one can his Bread excel.
" The Farrier advises plump John, And whispers a Word in his Ear, Sir, I shall be glad to drink with you, I am the best Farrier here. And while they are striking the Bargain, Tom Ostler lays hold of their Padds, Cries out, here's good Stabling and Feeding, None like it in all the Wells, Lads.
4. " The Brewers, the Butchers, and Dippers, Are most of the clamorous Rout; The Pastry-Cook, and the Shop-keepers Are not unmindful to Tout: But if unsuccessful in this, To Billingsgate Rhet'ric they fall, And would fain scandalize one another, But that—they are Proof against all.
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