People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
just the other way; and if I may be allow'd to use my own Sex so Coursly, it is really among them that the Ladies Characters first, and oftenest receive unjust Wounds; and I must confess the Malice, the Reflections, the Busy Meddling, the Censuring, the Tatling from Place to Place, and the making havock of the Characters of Innocent Women, is found among the Men Gossips more than among their own Sex, and at the Coffee-Houses more than at the Tea-Table; then among the Women them­selves, what is to be found of it there, is more among the Chamber-Maids, than among their Mistresses; slander is a meanness among Persons of Honour and Quality, and to do injustice to the Ladies, especially, is a Degree below those who have any share of Breeding and Sense : On this account you may observe, 'tis more practis'd among the Citizens than among the Gentry, and in Country Towns and Villages, more than in the City, and so on, till you come to the meer Canail, the Common Mobb of the Street, and there, no Reputation, no Character can shine without having Dirt thrown upon it every Day : But this is a digression."
But even at the time when contempt was being showered upon the company, there were 92
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