People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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In the Eighteenth Century
" The Wells," and there in 1746 delivered his lectures on the models of the Tabernacle of Moses, and of Solomon's, Zorobabel's, Herod's, and Ezekiah's Temples; also reading to his audience Bishop Sherlock's sermon on the late Rebellion, with a peroration of his own, which he piously preserved :
" To conclude the whole, I must say, that tho' I have been here a fortnight, and have seen several of this company, both Ladies and Gentlemen, at Prayers on the Week-Days, and a great number of them at public Worship on the Lord's-Day, yet have I not seen any one of them at a Gaming-Table all this while. And I cannot but wish, heartily wish, that nobody else had seen any one of them at such a place neither. However, I venture to add this, which I desire you all to take special notice of, that if I be right in my calculation, as to our Blessed Saviour's coming to restore the Jews, and begin the Millennium 20 years hence, I cannot but conclude, that after those 20 years are over, there will be no more an Infidel in Christendom; and there will be no more a Gaming-Table at Tunbridge"
Johnson was the star of the season of 1748, though Richardson and David Garrick drew
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