People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
and wine and water, I will read you every word of it. I am not vain, but I do think it by far the best play I ever wrote, and I think you'll say so.' The threat itself was horrible ; the Reading sauce was ill-suited to the light supper, and neither poppy nor Mandragore, nor even the play of the preceding evening, would have been half so bad as his ' Tiberius '; but will the reader believe that it was no joke, but all in earnest, and that he actually fulfilled his horrid promise and read the three first acts ? but seeing violent symptoms of our old complaint coming over us, he proposed that we should go to bed, and in the morning that he should treat us, before we started, by read­ing the fourth and fifth acts; but we saved him the trouble, for we were off before he was out of bed. Such are the perils and hair-breadth 'scapes which attend the guests of dramatists who live in the country."
Kelly seems to have regarded the evening's entertainment as a proof of Cumberland's self-complacency : others may see in it the drama­tist's revenge for the treatment to which he had been subjected on the night of his guests' arrival.
Cumberland lived to the considerable age of 120
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