People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
obeyed the instructions, and as he did not drink the water, he attributed his recovery to the purity of the air.
It was a proud, as well as a fortunate, day for " The Wells " when, shortly before the beginning of the season of 1732, the fashionable dictator made his official entry into the town in his magnificent post-chariot, drawn by six greys, with outriders, footmen, French-horns and every other " appendage of expensive parade." For thus magnificently did he travel, abating naught of the dignity of majesty, save a military escort. It must have been a fine sight to see him arrive in full state, wearing the cream-coloured beaver hat, which singular head-covering he used, to give his own expla­nation, solely to prevent its being stolen.
Before describing the effect of Nash's influ­ence on his new territory, something must be said of the man and his doings at Bath, for it was his position in the west that gave him the power to dictate in the east. Further, at " The Wells" he merely put into practice, with such variations as were essential owing to the differences between the places, the ordin­ances he had imposed on the city on the banks of the Avon. 130
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