People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
I assure you I am not mercenary, and that thirty thousand pounds have not half so much power with me as the woman I love.
Dr. Arbuthnot to Mrs. Howard.
Tunbridge Wells, July 4, 1728. Her Royal Highness ! goes on prosperously with the water. I think she is the strongest person in this place, if walking every day, modestly speaking, as far as would carry her to Seven Oaks, be a sign of bodily strength. Her Highness charms everybody by her affable and courteous behaviour, of which I am not only a witness, but have the honour to be a partaker. I tell her Highness she does more good than the waters : for she keeps some ladies in exercise and breath that want it. I have a very great respect for her, and I am only sorry there is no prince in Christendom at present that deserves her.
Lord Boyle to Mrs. Salkeld.
Tunbridge Wells, July 29, 1728. We are honoured here with the presence of Princess Emilia, to whom the Tunbridgeans
1 The Princess Amelia, second daughter of George II. 168
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