People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
pain at all times; I have more discretion than to declare as much any where but at Tunbridge. I have been in the vapours these two days, on account of Dr. Young's leaving us; he was so good as to let me have his company very often, and we used to ride, walk, and take sweet counsel together; a few days before he went away he carried Mrs. Rolt (of Hertford­shire) and myself, to Tunbridge five miles from hence, where we were to see some fine old ruins; but the manner of the journey was admirable, nor did I, at the end of it, admire the object we went to observe more than the means by which we saw it; and to give your Grace a description of the place, without an account of our journey to it, would be contradicting all form and order, and setting myself up as a critic upon all writers of travel. Much
" Might be said of our passing worth, And manner how we sallied forth; "
but I shall, as briefly as possible, describe our progress, without dwelling on particular cir­cumstances; and shall divest myself of all pomp of language, and proceed in as humble a style as my great subject will admit. 180
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